Tiling (and some other) help needed

Hi -

I have started a project where the outcome will be a circle that is 48" or so with 1000 holes drilled. I have a work space of 28x28 and don’t have my pro account activated (yet).

I think I have been able to have all the drill holes sectioned into four parts, but really struggling with how I’d cut out the 24x24.3(ish) squares. I have the lower right corner cutlines figured out - using some squares to mask things out, but can’t figure out how I’d do the other three squares. Then I learned about tiling, but I can’t really cut just 24x24 perfectly without messing up the drill so not even sure if I were to use tiling if I would be successful when I get to cutting.

If someone(s) can take a peak at the project and let me know if there are some ways to best achieve this it would be appreciated. You can also see that I had to painstakingly align 1000 drill holes and think I did it the best way possible with circles and lines intersecting then trying to centre the holes.

Any ideas are appreciated - thanks!!


I did a 4’ logo as well exact same premises you are working on. I rotated the image in work pieces so each section t always had the 0 point in the bottom left of the bed. Then blocked out what I didn’t want with zero depth boxes. For the bottom section I rotated it 22.5 so the bottom ring would not land on the same joint.

For what you are trying to accomplish I would suspect you only need to cut one quadrant just cut the same one 4 times. looking at how you created your project you may have to tweak the layout a bit to get it to work



Ah - thank you that makes perfect sense - I will give that a try!!

Now if I have any questions about how to train my Aussies - can you help with that too :slight_smile:

To funny, no but My son can! will be opening his own location in another state soon.