Tiling in Inkscape /easel

I hesitate to bring this up. Searching the forums it seems to be to simple to discuss. I want to break up a long piece into multiple jobs but I have googled and searched and can’t find the right mouse clicks in easel or Inkscape. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Sorry. I am sure it is obvious to everyone but not me

If you search tiling you should get plenty of results. Checkout pawpaws workshop he has a good video on it.


@JeffRogers1 Here is a couple of videos.
This might be the best one to watch first
Hope this helps you


I guess my question is really how to design something then split it? I understand how to set machine up but how to make a Christmas tree for example In easel or Inkscape then split it into separate jobs?

Not sure how everyone else does it but i design the full project and have reference points so i know where to move it when tiling.

I can’t figure out how to select portions of the design to cut and paste on different work piece. If I “hang” design over workspace limits the machine still attempts to run up there and carve those areas.

You need to white out anything you do not want to cut. Then when you move it foward white out what you have alread cut. Grab a square over on the left cover up what you don’t want cut and zero the depth so it will not cut.


Could you share the file?

You need a reference point and way to control the design position shift.