Tiling keeps mialining between tiles

Very frustrating and not sure what i am doing wrong,. No matter what i have tried, when i go between 2 tiles in a project and start the 2nd carve, the cut is off by almost 7mm in the y and sometimes in the X. all i do is move the piece forward by the amount easel asks me to do, probe the Z axis height and then use the last used zero point?

Is there a way for me to visually see the x and y co-ordinates for my zero point and somehow get straight back to it. I would like to home the carve, then move to the zero point i want to use, and then note down the co-ordinates so when something goes wrong, i can re-home and know exactly where the zero was??

Turn on beta testing and the. Youll find a work zero as a “go-to” position in the carve menu.

7mm variance in your Y? Are you measuring the amount to move the tile with a tape measure? Instead i like to use the cnc, jog it the necessary move amount and engrave that mark on my alignment block, then transfer that mark over to the workpiecd with tape… i also make a similar mark on the alignment block at the 0 point… then i slide it to make them line up…

i will try the beta testing. sorry i actually meant 7-10mm in the x . i notice this straight away when i start tile 2 because the lines are off. this is the perplexing bit because i dont move the spindle and only moved the piece straight down in between tiles.

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Ok, if its iff in the x then the y alignment blocks are not parallel to the y movement, i like to mount a block of mdf and cut a faceto it using the cnc and use that as my alignment block on the left side.

hi seth,

really appreciate your help and i will try this. but it seems off that i am out of square by 7mm. i did use a block on the left hand side squared to the table and left fence. i will facing a piece of mdf next time and see if that makes any difference.

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