Tiling problems

Has anyone had a problem with the tiling I just did my first one and i had a straight edge to make sure the piece was straight when i moved it but when it did the next part it was off on the depth of cut and side to side on more than the other. can anyone help i can do a pic if it helps.


I put a straight edge on my waste board, I confirm it is straight by manually moving the carriage from front to back to be sure the bit touches on its entire length, this is the best way I have found when to be accurate when sliding the workpiece into its new location. Have you verified your waste board is accurate?, I use a dial gauge attached to the router and move it around the waste board to see how accurate it is. One of two things be sure to support your material that is hanging off of the machine so it doesn’t flex the base, secondly you may need to skim cut your waste board or shim it between the base rails and the actual board.

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I will give that a try thank you