Timber storage in a small workshop


So I’ve got a small workshop, roughly 20ft x 8ft. The floor is at 3 different levels, I have my X carve on a bench at the far end as this had a very raised floor height its more like a concrete workbench which I’ve put a wooden top on than floor area. I then have a roughly 8 ft square area which has my out feed table and a 8ft x 2ft workbench down one side. Finally the main area again 8 ft square is where i have my table saw, planer thicknesser, miter saw, band saw, router table and another 8 ft x 2 ft work bench.

so i don’t have much room left. Does any one have any cleaver storage solutions for storing timber? I have a mix of long lengths and some sheet goods. I don’t tend to keep 8x4 sheet in one bit for long i break them down quick as i cant move them around easily.

Ceiling rack?


I have a small shop also (16ftx10ft). As far as lumber I like storing it vertically on a wall. If you can spare a small section of wall space you can fit quite a bit of lumber there. Google vertical lumber storage for some ideas.

Its on the cards for next year. I can add another 10~12 ft to the length but not the width.

any room on the ceiling? make a platform for lumber or buy a safari style roof top 4x4 cage, then add some pulleys and then you can store the lumber above your head…for safety I would use power winches that lock the cabling when in the up position. Just a thought of a more overkill way to solve the problem lol.