Time carve completed board

I placed a request under the Easel software requests to have Easel show how many minutes are left on a carve. Until the software is changed, I devised a board with the project name, estimated time from Easel, start time (clock), and estimeted finish time. I would always forget what time a carve started and did not know what time the carve would be finished. I used a vinyl cutter to make my text and lines.
I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a 8 1/2" X 11" dry erase board with a pen for $1.00. I drilled three holes and used sheet metal screws into the bezel of the monitor. My monitor has some blue streaks, so I was not worried about putting holes in my monitor. There are many different ways to mount the board.

Looks good, another way to do it is to open a spreadsheet and do it that way…it eliminates the need to drill holes in the monitor :slight_smile:

I track all of my projects, I keep a spreadsheet with bit info, speeds and stepover, material, clamping method, g-code filenames, runtime and notes.


I do the same with the laser machine. I have a spreadsheet with power and speeds for a ton of different materials for engraving and cutting with thickness. It still grows as I try new materials.
Will have to do the same with the xcarve.

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