Time estimates


I’d find it useful if Easel after generating the paths gave a time estimate of how long it would take to complete the job. The Progress bar is good however I’ve had the occasion where I’ve started a carve but 2 hours in i wish i’d left it until a night were i had more time.


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Although it can be off by up to twenty minutes. If you bring up the developer console in your web browser after you show the paths, it will show an approximate time. I do think we need this soon though.

Hey @Alex1380,

We actually have this in the works right now. As @Rcannon95 mentioned, you can see a time estimate in the developer console, but the formula it uses doesn’t take into account some aspects of a job. The new formula we’ve been playing around with is significantly more accurate, and matches much closer to what other cam run-time estimates say.

We still need to do some real world testing, so I can’t give you a date, but keep an eye out!


I’d gladly be a beta “real world tester” of this. :smiley:hehe

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Hi Everyone, please can I ask the developers to look into an adjustable time estimates counter. i.e. To have it count down. Basically just a calculation between the initial time given and the progress bar. Even if this time is not accurate I would still get a rough idea on the time that is left and I know i can then continue on with whatever i am doing.