Time-out timer on the pause function?

So here’s whats up
I made a design in V-Carve and sent it to the machine through easel. About 60% of the way through (give or take 2 hours) I had to leave for dinner plans so I paused the job as to not leave it running while nobody would be here to watch it. I used the pause button on the web page, not the X-Controller
When I came home, about 4 1/2 hours later, I hit the play button to restart the job and all it did was turn on the spindle, no movement on any of the axes.
I restarted the job and now it’s cutting air so it’s not ruined but my question is this: Is there a time out period in easel that once it’s lapsed the job can no longer be restarted? Or was it just a fluke/browser error?


Did your computer goto sleep? Hibernate? Drop usb?

I thought I had disabled it but is looks like I have the computer set up to sleep after 30 mins so that was probably it.
I tested last night, started the 3d finishing pass and let it go for about 20 minutes then paused and went to bed.
When I woke up the machine was still in the same position but the computer had gone to sleep. As soon as I unlocked it the router went back to home and Easel said that the job had finished.

I’m going to disable sleep mode and test again once this job is finished.
Thanks for the replies

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