Time to ditch the Dewalt611?

So I originally bought the x carve with the router over the spindle because I thought - “well, the router I can pick up anywhere”. I do not know if the rest of you have had troubles but the original Dewalt 611 lasted about 2 weeks and quit. I was in the middle of a project and could not find one locally so I replaced it with a Makita (and made an adapter to make it fit the mount).
I wanted to have a spare around so I had ordered another DeWalt to have here. I was using it to route slots in pictures frames (1/4" wide, 1/8" deep WELL WITHIN what this router should be able to do)- less than 30 linear feet of routing - and it QUIT as well. I returned that one (as it was inside the 30 day return policy) - went to finish my picture frames, and the replacement router doesn’t work at all.

The Makita I put in my machine has been running without issue for 9 months.

I think it may be time for Inventables to change the router they offer with this machine.

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I’ve never heard of such dramatic and sudden issues with the Dewalt. How long were you running it continuously?

Just wondering what limitations to watch for.

I’ve had my XC for about 2+ years. The DeWalt has cut up many many projects. I replaced the brushes about 2 months ago and they still had about half the life left in them, but replaced them anyways. Never had one single issue with mine. Although it’s too loud and wish it were quieter.