TinyG Board for sale

I have a TinyG board for sale. It is a V8 board. The previous owner said it worked great. All the LEDs light up, it is just too much of a learning curve for me just starting out and I don’t have the time to learn it.

It comes with the power supply I got with it and a 3d printed case to hold it and a cooling fan.

Lists for $120-150. Asking $90, will negotiate on price.

I will offer $90 shipped to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2W1H9. Need tracking number when shipping. Let me know.

Sent a PM

That’s looking good and the price is quite affordable.
Can you share some photos of your product?
Ameropa Corporation

Hi Josh, you are not responding to your emails or messages. I’ve paid the PayPal invoice. When will you be sending the board?

I just now saw the messages. Sorry for the delay! Kids things have tied me up, I will get the board ready and send it off tomorrow.

Thank you!


Great, please message me the tracking code when you have it.

I sent it late yesterday afternoon. I will email you tracking info.

Im curious how easy it is to switch back from a tinyG? Im considering buying a used machine with TinyG but would like to revert.