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Hi, I am a high school student in an Engineering class. My group and I are building a CNC Router out of a TinyG, 3 NEMA 23 Motors, and a spindle speed controller. We have got our motors running on jog mode through the Universal G-Code Sender, but we cannot figure out how to send codes to the TinyG through either the Universal G-Code Sender or through Coolterm. We have tried to send $100, $101, and $102 GRBL codes to edit the steps/mm, but we have never successfully sent the codes. We have also tried other codes to tune our motors, but neither our group nor our teacher can figure out what codes to send, or where to send them. If you have any ideas, please send them our way! Thanks.

Try asking your question in the Google Plus TinyG forum.


My TinyG uses different variables that the Gshiled
Instead of the numbers it uses letters because it has significantly more variables and options that the GShield.

Here is a good reference to start with:
TinyG Summary / Cheat Sheet

FYI: Last time I tried UGS was not working with TinyG very well.
However, the web based chilipeppr works just fine. So you may want to give that a try as well.

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I’m not going to be able to add too much to this conversation, but I support the answer in the previous post. Sometimes confirmation can help.

I have an SO2 with a tinyG v8. The only software that I’ve been able to successfully Use for setting modification is Chilipeppr. Make sure you’re saving the configuration file - resets and browser updates sometimes cause all of your hard-earned settings to disappear. Once you have the setting right you can send the tinyG G-code directly from other programs like UGS. The tinyG holds onto its settings in onboard memory.

Word to the wise: pay attention to units. Your chillipeppr will default to either english or metric (can’t remember). Your Gcode will also be specifically formatted. While a G20 or G21 should switch the tinyG from one to the other, chillipeppr doesn’t always do a reliable job of reflecting the actual setting on the browser. If you try to reset the tinyG, chillipeppr will likely continue to display whichever unit system was up when you reset. But the tinyG will revert to whatever you put in your configuration file. Once they don’t agree…you have some work to do. And unless you parked the bit at (0,0), you’ve also lost your place and probably your materials.

If you have a chance to get away from the tinyG you should. Nothing against the great product they made, but it isn’t very well supported because it doesn’t have very much market share. This lack of support will make every step a little harder. Also, it doesn’t really support more than 4 steppers at once. If you have aspirations of adding a 3D print head extruder…you’re probably out of luck with the tinyG.

Hope that helps.