Tip :: How to Export SVG's for Easel Using SketchUp

I use SketchUp Make 2017 exclusively for designing my projects, and I wanted to share a plugin I found for exporting SVG’s from SU for use in Easel. I have noticed other threads that discuss this, and it seems there is a lot of frustration over this task… one solution, a plugin for SU by FlightOfIdeas no longer works on SU Make 2017.

I am using a plugin called FaceSVG by Marvin Greenberg. You can download it at:

He has a great video explaining how to use it:

It works great and has solved me so much time.


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I don’t understand your comment.

Slight necro here but I feel like it’s worth it. It seems that Easel does not do 3D carving very well as it assumes that things are on the same plane but you can import an svg, lay it out on top and then based on the shading level it changes the depth of cut. This plugin allows you to take a model in sketchup that may be for example an .stl and take a snapshot of the faces from one side (the side you’d be cutting in to) and projects them as an svg you can export and then import into Easel for carving. It wasn’t explained very well in the OP though,