Tip to decrease clamping time

Not sure If anyone else does this or not or if people think it’s silly but I found this to be super handy and has sped up the time it takes to clamp my projects! I got this cordless electric screw driver on sale for 20$ it’s super compact and has just enough torque to hold the clamps down. I also have broken my wrist twice aND my hand once so it definitely helped with that aswell. Anyways I just tossed an 1/4" he drive Allen key and got it readily available whenever. Works great and saves my wrist a bit.


If just one person finds this useful then I have done my job!

Just curious.
Why do you have the clamp foot laying on its back instead of standing it upright so the clamp arm can lock into it properly?

That is the result of a late night carve. Up until 2am finishing an order. It still worked but didn’t feel like changing it.

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Keep in mind that you are also putting undue stress on your threaded inserts when you clamp on an angle like that.
Not beating you up, just a little info.

Yeah to be honest I didn’t clamp it very tight anyways. I over clamped the piece with tons of clamps. It don’t happen to often so I’m not to worried.

Repurposed my Bosch IXO for this very same task.

Especially now that I started using regular Socket Head Screws due to their lower profile.

i have my wasteboard set up with 1/4x20tpi tee nuts and use standard hex bolts and washers with my clamps. The bolts are cheap @ 1.79 a #

I as for using a power tool to tighten things down, I use my 18v ryobi 1/4" hex drive impact to snug the homemade clamping blocks. just gotta be gentle with the amount of torque applied, I could easily create a “dome” in the wasteboard if i get carried away.