Tips for cutting black laminated plywood?

I have some mixed results with cutting in black laminated plywood with my x-carve setup (the plywood started smoking/burning).

I am using “1/8” Carbide Flat Nose End Mill Single Flute Spiral cutter" with a Makita rt0701c router.

Any tips to the RPM, feed rate and cut depth?

If the wood is smoking then your RPM is way to high for the feed rate you are using. I would set my RPM to as low as the router will allow (10,000 if possible) and then use a feedrate between 40 and 60. I would also use a downcut bit since it is plywood and that will reduce the tearout at the top of the cut.

Also if you could use a 1/4 inch bit instead of the 1/8 inch that would also help.

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Thank you @AllenMassey … any idea regarding depth?

Half the diameter of your bit is a good depth to start with

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