Tips for separating drag chain links

Im embarking on my grand re-wiring project, which is requiring me to dismantle the drag chain. So far this has led to a lot of pinched fingers and cursing, but not much progress. I don’t want to snap of part of the link, but just get them apart from the head link. It seems I can pry one side loose, but as soon as a start work on the other side, the first side snaps back into place. I’m hoping there is some trick that makes this really easy.

So who knows how to do this?

I had this same problem. Separating a link was really hard, what I did was just get a flat end screwdriver and use it to pry one side up off the little nub and then mentally calculate the amount of force that I thought would certainly snap the plastic and applied approximately 1.5 times that force. Levering the edge of the link up and over. Of course it took about 5 tries, each of which either pinched my finger or caused the screwdriver to jab my thumb. I recommend getting a tetanus shot and consuming about three beers before starting. Also be sure any small children in room are ready to learn some new words.

The good news is that putting the link back on is only a little bit more difficult.


i just used the small screwdriver that the tool kit came with to pry them apart. if you didnt get the tool kit its just a very small flat blade screw driver like found in an eye glass repair kit

just stick the screw driver between the sides and pop one side loose and then hold it with your finger and pop the other side loose and pull it apart