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Tips for starting a CNC Side Business with an X-carve/CNC

Hi everyone. I hope this thread is still going strong. I’ve read it a few times and there is quite a wealth of information. I’ll dive right in. I just launched an LLC to make CNC signs, gifts, ornaments, and trinkets. I plan on mostly selling/giving products away as gifts for marketing. I have worked out my logo and a business plan is in the drafting stages. I am getting ready to buy my X-Carve machine and have been looking at various upgrades from CNC Newbie and TBC CNC. Particularly the Z-Axis improvements. Has everyone found the X-Carve to be enough machine for their projects or would I be better with a machine that costs 2x as much with a name that starts with “Ax” and ends in “iom”? Is the Easel enough to get started or would you recommend moving to the Vectric software quickly? Thanks in advance for your replies!

Check out all the signs that Steve has made using Easel

Check out Paw paw's projects and all the things he has done using Easel.

Easel is very user friendly and you can download it and try it out.
Good luck

@NathanMorris I have had my XCarve for three years and love it. I recently got a New Carve from CNC4newbie for a similar price but is much stronger and has no belts and no v wheels. I would suggest taking a look at some of my videos.

Thanks for the input @RussellCrawford , I can see a lot of women in my family liking that carving of the kitchen conversions. Very well done. @PhillipLunsford that is a impressive portfolio. I’ve actually been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a few weeks now, didn’t realize that was you.

Question: Is there some kind of etiquette on using designs or ideas found on the internet (inventables, opens source, forums, YouTube, etc…) and marketing them to sell? Is there anyone here selling in the Michigan Detroit area that I would be taking his or her client base?


Hey Mark, I had the same issue recently. Couldn’t find a font with continuous writing so I created 5 separate text boxes with a letter in each then joined them together and it worked.

I would love to hear more about the brew tap handles!?!

I live in Washington, Snohomish county, sure could use a little (hands on) help, trying to find someone who knows what they are doing to come to my place and teach me, willing to pay for time and travel if interested or know someone who is.