Tips on wiring

Looking for some tips on wiring on my gshield. I’m trying to add all the ground wires from my fan,relay switches, and the zip wire into the ground section on gsheild. basically alot of wires in a small hole. Any suggestions on how its to be wired.

I have been following the instructions and did as suggested solder the black wires from relays then install with wire from fan and pwm. It just wont fit.

What everyone that I’m aware of (myself included) has done is to join all the various grounds together into a single wire, and put that single wire into the ground. I used a piece of the zip wire that I had left over to do it.


like this? Wow thats one tight fit

Yup, this is what I did. Worked great.

that’s a start… add a wire from there to connect into the ground.

check out this topic. for some other wiring tips. I almost threw my machine during the wiring process… you’re not alone.

I’d also suggest instead of installing the header pins for the Homing switches and spindle control, to use a screw terminal. Much more secure.

can you show an example of this?

I bought some off, I haven’t installed it yet, something I need to get on.


oh so solder another wire to this then install that one wire into the terminal. Ok great thanks

Yep! Sorry I wasn’t a bit more clear on that. :smile: That’s what I meant by I’d used a piece of zip wire for the job. I soldered that one wire into the splice with the others, shrink-tubed the lot to keep it insulated, then ran that zip wire into the block. :smile:

Thanks. I really like this idea.

No problem, I really need to get on doing this “mod” (if you can call it that). I have knocked the header connector out more than once and bad things tend to happen after that.

Thanks for the help the long journey is coming to a close the little blue lite is on!!!

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This is how I did mine.

I miss Radio Shack :frowning: It was my favorite store as a kid and young adult, WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME :cry:

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I used barrier strips similar to @MichaelGrigg for all of my controller connections. For grounds, I looped a wire between the lower screws on the strip, then to ground. All connections needing to be connected to “ground” were then screwed under a terminal on the upper side of the strip. By tying all of the ground connections together, I eliminate many sources of ground loops that can cause havoc.

'Cause they turned into a pile of **** and sold nothing but cheap chinese junk and overpriced cell phone accessories? lol

One word for you AMAZON.

That is what has killed/killing RadioShack.

Personally I am presently disgruntled with Radio Shack. We have 5 of them within 50 miles of my house. I am in the process of building my control box and a few other upgrades for my X Carve. I have been to 4/5 of the stores near me and I am still needing a few parts bc Radio Shack does not have them “In Stock”. I went to 2 stores yesterday and the other 2 today.

So needless to say Radio Shack is not getting my $$$. My $$$ is going to Amazon instead. Not by choice but by necessity.

Personally I like to spend my $$$ close to home but when I can not get what I need close to home I have to go elsewhere. That is the case here. So I unfortunately see why Radio Shack is struggling and I do not see it getting better for them.

Probably, but I like to remember it in the good ol’ days, pre cellphone era.

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That was my problem with them too. You couldn’t count on them to have a given part, and when they did it was ~5X as expensive as Amazon / Ebay. Our local one had dribbled down to two ten-drawer chests for the entire electronics section, and a little arduino rack. If you needed anything more complex than a resistor or a simple switch, you were just plain out of luck for the most part.