Tips or "how to"

Are there any firms that give “how to” tips? We’d like to advance our skills but don’t know whew to go? Some training videos on how to use the software and the different bits. Thanks.

There are lots of good tutorials here.

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For Easel: Paw Paw’s Workshop.

Thanks. I looked at some of the tutorials here but didn’t see answered to ask my questions. I need to know what type of bit to use, plunge rate, speed, etc. Are there any local workshops that can help a beginner?

@Thomas3 I think if you ask specific questions about your project here you’ll get some great tips. If you don’t have a project, I’d suggest picking one to be your first and just give it a go. Check out Inventables’ project section where there are many that could get you started.

if you mention your general location, there is likely someone nearby with whom you can meet.

Also, I’m not sure about other Rockler locations, but in St. Louis there is a group of CNC people who meet monthly in the Rockler store. The CNC machines they own are all over the place. Nevertheless, it is likely that someone nearby or in the forum has gone before you and can give you some tips.

@Thomas3. Start off with the default settings in easel. The slowly increase feed rate as you are carving. Every machine will be a little different