Tips to a newbie setting up ugs and fusion 360 with my x-carve

Im pretty fresh in the cnc world. I have used Easel a lot, but its time to move on because i want to make 3D shapes.

Ihave seen a lot of posts regarding problems with this.

Anyone have some golden tips setting this up for the first time without getting too much pain in the ■■■?
Do UGS support homing swiches and automatic homing\probe tool?

I have used UGS for a lot of projects and yes it does support homing. as far as probing it supports macros that you input and then probe with it through the macro.

if you want a program that does auto-probe without a macro you will need something like Bcnc as a sender but it is a lot more complicated to use but then it also has auto-level and probe as well as homing and G-Code editing. as such it also has a higher learning curve as well as more chances of messing something up unintentional.

My recommendation would be to use the Fusion/UGS combo for 2d cuts before moving to 3d. This will let you get the hang of the software and work out the kinks before moving to more complicated. Just my $.02

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