Tired of looking for a simple solution... (electronics question)

I have 4 “male” 1mm pins sticking up on a board. They are all side-by-side in a line.

I want a connector that I can put on the 4 pins that has 4 corresponding “screw” locks for “loose wires”… I ultimately want it to look like the connectors on the edge of the gShield…

I have no idea what to call them.

I am pretty sure I can get the “male” version that would pug into the female holes on a breadboard, I want the opposite – I want them to slide onto a 4-pin header.

There is so much information and so many products that LOOK like they will work, But I cannot tell from pictures… SO I CAME TO JUST ASK…

Depending on the pitch of the pins, this…



Take a look at these products to see if that’s what you need. This is the US web site they may have a distributor where you are.


I can find these, but have no idea if they will slide down on the header pins:

It looks more like the female “plug” that would only fit it’s male counterpart…

That’s like the connector on the 24 volt power supply.

So, you want a screw terminal that will slide onto the 0.1 inch pitched header pins?

Yes, I think… My pins are .025" “diameter” and spaced 0.1" apart…

I don’t think I have seen screw terminals on a 0.1" pitch.

Nope. I looked around and I couldn’t find any either.

Tell me more about what you are trying to accomplish. Maybe there’s another solution.

There are screw terminal units that solder to a PCB that have the 0.1 inch pitch.

I HAVE THIS BOARD (it does not show the Pololu DRV8825 that plugs into each “axis block”:

Each “axis block” has 4 pins that run to my stepper motors. Right now I have these wires:

and they are “butt sliced” with these:

… to my stepper motors.

Mostly I am looking for a “cleaner” mass of wires. It just looks “redneck” AND I, of all people, do not need to look any more “redneck” than I have to!!

Guess I’m trolling for ideas. Yes, I COULD just buy gShield, but this is working fine, I already own this board and if I spend any more $$$ on this my wife is gonna come unglued

Ok, got it.

I think the best you can do is go with something like the Pololu pins and housings to make a female connector for your board and then run those wires to a barrier strip with the screw terminals. They have 2x4 and 1x4 housings.

Once you have the board connector end made you can slip some heat shrink tubing over the 12 wires to bundle them up and on the other end you can just use the wire ends for the terminal block or put crimp connectors on that end.

I’d take a look at the wire gauge in your jumper wires as it may be too small for running the steppers.

I have the same arduino shield grbl board, and that’s what I did… I bought a crimper (which was of questionable value, and I tend just to use needlenose plyers) and I put 1x4 ends on wires and then take them to screw terminals that then connect to the stepper motor wires. Works great… Only problem I’m apparently having now is spindle interference triggering endstops at random times, but that’s for another thread…


Take a look at these threads:

And Brian used a low pass filter approach: