To cold to run xcarve?

Its currently 42F outside. Might be a few degrees colder in the garage where the machine is. Is this too cold to run things? I went out the other day when it was below freezing and the machine wouldn’t jog right so i didn’t carve.

Nah, my garage is way colder during the winter months here in new york and she runs fine

I’ve always had issues with missed steps if you power up the Arduino and immediately start cutting. Actually tested it a few times on purpose. Now I let mine warm holding everything still for about 5 minutes if it is cold in the garage.

Thanks. Im not cutting anything important just want to get my fidget spinner done for the challenge

Copied from a post Zach posted

The machine will perform better in cold than in extreme heat. From the Atmega 328P summary datasheet, the Arduino will operate from -40°C to 85°C. The stepper motors can operate in -20C to 50C. The power supply operating temperature is from -20C to 70C.

If you would like I can check on the gshield and spindle but I assume they would offer similar ranges. Quick sanity check -20C is -68F.

Hope that helps on my cell and that’s all I could find

thanks. the machine can hold up better then me. I got a man cold from being outside was basically dead for a few days.

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