To judder or not to judder

Hello peeps…been using my x carve for the last year, all was well until now.

I am engraving plywood with a 90 degree bit, lettering among other decorations. Have done this job 30 times and today, we got judder. I understand easel translates curves into lots of straight lines, but whilst cutting the same job as before, nothing different, I observe quite pronounced judder on both X and Y.

The only thing different is that the machine has been idle, not in use for 2 months.

Any suggestions y’all?

Does it look at if the machine is trying to move smoothly and something is physically causing the “judder”? Or does it look like the program is causing it to move that way?

Does it do the same when carving a circle generated in Easel?
If yes => something mechanical with your machine
If no => design contain som many nodes the machine cant process fast enough to carve smoothly

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Tak Haldor…

I tested and found the issue.
It was actually my internet connection.

That shouldn’t matter. More likely, your browser was getting low on memory/resources.
Glad you sorted it out and it wasn’t mechanical.