Today I had an epiphany!

How cool is this:


Hmm, slice it across the ends to a thick enough piece and do some 3d carving?

That would be interesting indeed.
But I wonder if the coloered leads would stand up to a ball mill or would they shatter?

my guess is they’ll mill just fine.

I already know what I want to carve, just need some time :smiling_imp:

I’ve seen it done with a lathe but the cnc may rip it apart


I tried doing it on my wood lathe several months back it did not work out blow it all apart

That is cool. I hope someone tries this on the CNC.

well that is the idea :sunglasses:

i glued the rest of the pencils today. I hope to do some tests over the weekend.

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I would make a blank with a clear epoxy

That’s such a neat idea. Would you be willing to share where you sourced the pencils? Also, while graphite may not mill well, I’m sure there are other colored pencil types that would mill very well. Are there colored charcoal pencils?

i’m from belgium (yes belgium…) so I don’t think my source for the pencils is of any use.

they were the cheapest kind at a low-cost supermarket.

We"ll see how they mill, currently glueing four 1-inch slabs into one board.

its ready to mill tomorrow


it mills perfectly fine!


Tell me you have a ball nose to finish…

its finishing as we speak. and it will hardly need any sanding!

What did you do the toolpath with? meshcam?

I have RhinoCAM.

I took everything VERY conservative, as I only have 1 shot at this: small endmills, small stepdown, small stepover, low feeds, etc. I think it will be 7-8 hours straight when it’s done.
In hindsight, seeing how machinable it actually is, i could easily half that time if I were to doit again.


That is nice! A slingshot? How did you glue it up and rip to size?

Looks like there is going to be a spike in color pencil sales :smile: Nice work! but don’t use the sling shot, don’t think the strength will hold up

oh it’ll hold up and i’ll use it allright. :smiling_imp:

i’ve tought it through.

tomorrow i’ll resume this. one thing that worries me isthat it will need sanding and I’m not sure if i’ll be able to keep the wood clean…


see the link in my first post