Too complex?

I just did a test carve with a scrap of melamine. I think it came out good except it did not finish the carve. Easel reported it completed normally, without error. I first noticed that some of the pockets were not cleared out, then I discovered it only went down about 1/8" and not the 3/8" I set it too.

I imported the design (an .SVG from, set it to depth 0, and a flat square behind it set at 3/8". I’m going to try again (sometime) and reverse the image before importing into Easel.

Did it loose connection? It almost lookes like the bit a a little undersized, did you measure it?

I was using a 1/8" roundover. so I think it dug the centers before the edges.

This strongly indicate a USB-drop out between Easel/Controller.

I might agree. I noticed I had two Easel windows open on the carving computer (I design on a different computer). Both had the “How’d it turn out” dialog when it ‘finished’.

did you do a pocket cut or a profile cut?

Confusing question to ask as I used the open paths (lines) to define where not to cut (depth of zero) on top of a flat shape set to desired depth.

I reversed an image and imported it into easel. I’ll post results when I carve it.

that’s why I asked. Regardless of what the artwork is and whether it has open curves or not. If you specify a profile cut, it will only cut along the lines of the artwork and leave the open areas uncut, as Robert already said. Exactly what I see in the picture. Depth issue might just be a fluke, I have no explanation for that :wink:

Where’d the bit stop? Did it return to X/Y zero or just stop?

Depending on how Easel does it, I’d think a disconnect would just stop the router where it is while an actually completed run would return it to 0,0.

Also remember geometry. A ball end,as opposed to a flat/straight end, won’t cut the entire path to the same depth. In fact, Easel does not account for straight end vs. ball end right now so a ball end with a 40% stepover might leave areas uncarved or weirdly carved and could explain your issue.

Try it with a straight end and see what happens.

Although Robert and xfredericox are right, looks like a profile not a pocket.

With that explanation, it was a profile cut. And I did notice it did not return to 0 after the carve. First time that happened to me.

I wanted the bottom of the cut to have a rounded profile.