Too deep first pass

I’m trying to carve a hole in my material, it works mostly, but it cuts the first pass too deep, and started tabs AFTER it cut through my material. I have looked in easel, my cut depth is 0.05" i am cutting a .29" board, and the tool-path looks too deep in the material in the simulation. My teacher has two classes my period, so can’t help, but wont let me run final cut till i figure this out.
My project

You have not made your project public so we can not see it.

Carvey or Xcarve?

Any thoughts on this as I have the same problem. The original project in question is now public, I can see it. For my problem it seems to be the same issue with all projects. First pass cuts much deeper than all other passes including when there are 3 or more passes. I am careful when setting the home position and the bit is lowered just barely to the surface of the material not quite touching.
My machine is the XCarve

If the first pass is deeper than the 2nd, 3rd etc while the incremental change should be equal you probably have a touch plate (or function of it enabled) which provide an offset.

Say the plate is expected to be 1/4" and you zero your XYZ.
Program assume touch point is 1/4" above actual material surface => ergo first pass is 1/4" too deep.
If such a behaviour is consistent this is the most plausible cause.

If it is more random (in occurance or depth variations) take a real look on the mechanical side of the Z-axis. Pulley/pinion set screws, wheels, Z motor wires etc.

Nothing set up for a touch plate as far as I could tell but I re-set up the machine and the problem went away. Thanks for the help.