Too deeply

My cutter has started cutting .020-.025 deeper than it is set for. Any suggestions. Z axis doesn’t appear to be binding/hanging up mechanically.

  1. each pass is that much deeper than intended? (like the extra is stacking… ie. if it’s 10 passes would it be 0.2 deeper total)

  2. OR only the first one is deeper than intended and it just retains that single amount extra for the whole carve? (like it’s 0.02 too deep whether its one pass or 10 passes the amount extra does not change)

IF no.1 is the case, then your grbl settings for $102 is off and needs recalibrated
IF no.2 is the case then if your using a probe then its Z zero is off… . . .Either the Probe thickness is not set right, OR your using it of in a corner and your actual carve section is bowed up a little higher than the spot it was probed at,

  • I recommended to probe above the exact section where the carve will take place to set Z position.
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no. 2 is the case, but I’m not using a probe. I’m touching off on workpiece.

Was this a one time thing?
Consistently too deep across the stock or just in some areas?

Got it… are you Touching off directly atop the area of the carve, or touching off over in that front left corner
(which could have a lower top vs the area that is actually being carves)

If your touching off in the corner, I would touch off directly atop the area being carved and try again.

Also, what cnc is being used?

I had trouble with my machine cutting way too deep. 5mm when it was supposed to only cut 2mm. Then I discovered if you go into “Machine Settings” there is is a link to “Advanced Settings”. There is is a bunch of $settings. The one that effects me is $102. It is supposed to be “50” and it was “889”. I changed it and all my cut depths are exact!!! Bloody beauty!!