Too many toolpaths

I am trying to carve a pretty simple image on my x-carve. However, when I go into Easel and use simulate I get way too many toolpaths. Any ideas?

Thank you Phil for responding. I tried what you suggested but it did not make a difference. I also should have been more specific. I have been carving for over a year and have not had this problem until a few days ago. I tried to upload a picture of what I see but for some reason, it won’t upload.

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You could share the Easel file :slight_smile:

How do I do that? Share the Easel file, I mean

Open file, click meny File -> Share and make public and share URL :slight_smile:

Technically the file seem fine, however the bit size is very small (0.0625") and a lot of the carve objects are set to “Fill”.
Due to the size of your project and small bit size Easel calculate >2hrs for the job.

Haldor, I show about 75 different toolpaths. How many do you see?

A few :wink:
Inventables have been doing a bit on the tool path optimising very recently, perhaps this is what you observe?

Tried an image upload from my end but it never stopped uploading…

maybe. that was the problem I was having with upload. thank you for your help.

I think this post isn’t too old to reactivate :wink:

I am facing the same problem like LouSundberg with too many toolpaths ([]). The object is pretty easy, doesn’t have to have a perfect edges and the work is done after approximately 4min.
In my SVG I deleted every unnessary path.

Plus: The ‘tabs’ (correct term for these little ‘bridges’?) aren’t realized.

I appreciate the Inventables ecosystem a lot - thanks for your great work done in last years, when I bought my ShapeOko :)!

Lueneburg, Germany

Sorry, maybe because of my poor English-skills: I don’t understand. Do you mean, I can’t expect a shorter GCode? The work-piece is done with under 1000 lines of code. The generated code contains more than 10000. Is there a way to change this?

Yes, of course! But for this work-piece it seemed to be too much.
And indeed: It is ;)! I feed my Shapeoko with the GCodeSender and didn’t realized, that I choose the wrong, not optimized file. Now i works with 2000 lines, perfect! Problem solved!

Thanks PhilJohnson!