Too much lag time?

I have used chrome every sense I have had my x-carve. But lately when I’m in Easel designing. There is a lag time from when I drag an object to when it actually moves. Also, when I tab for tool path. It seems like it takes forever?? Is anyone else having this problem or is there a better browser to use? Thanks


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I’m also having that problem. I’m also using Chrome. Perhaps I should use a different browser.

Funny! I was just getting on here to find out if anyone else is having this issue. I’m having the same issue. Seems to have started a couple to three days ago. I’m using Chrome also. Extremely frustrating when you go to drag or rotate on object and by the time Easel figures out what you’re doing, you’ve dragged or rotated a different object. I’m getting a few second lag sometimes, also.

Hey everyone,

Can you share the project that you are having trouble with (File -> Share, post or directly message the URL). We actually made several pretty significant performance improvements at the end of last week, so I’m pretty surprised to hear this. We are looking into it right now though!


We just fixed an issue that was preventing the accurate (red) preview from being disabled if it took too much time to run. Please give it another try. If you see a message saying that “this is just a rough preview”, follow the advice and use the Show Toolpaths button to preview the toolpaths.

My import SVG file lags and appears to crash on Max OS X (spinning wheel of death). Just tweaked a file that was previously working great.