Too small of bit diameter?

Apparently entering my bit diameter as 0.5mm (a metric data entry option would be nice) causes an issue…

As I drag to select the entire error message as instructed, I dragged off of the popup and the popup and message disappears, So I had to run a 2nd time & allow it to error again and then be more careful when selecting the message in order to copy without it closing on me… (that auto popup close thing can be annoying sometimes)
Error: 3d: too many endpoints key=[5.9999501,3.4267971,0.4900004] ends=[6.0005189,3.426755,0.4900004],[5.9995087,3.4261073,0.4900004],[5.9995087,3.4261073,0.4900004]

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Thanks for the bug report Seth. I suspect I know what the problem is and will be working on a fix. Should have something ready next week.

Yea, this is on our list of things to support soon.