Tool Change on Kiri:Moto

Hi folks,
I realise this might not be the correct category (or even the correct forum!) but I was hoping someone on here might have had some exposure to to this…

I’m currently testing out OnShape ( for getting a 2.5D output from the X-Carve (1000mm w/ X-Controller). Im using a plugin for Onshape called Kiri:Moto which exports g-code to drive the x-carve.

Everything is working brilliantly so far, but I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with this to add a ‘Pause’ function that would enable me to change tools between roughing out and finishing passes.

The plugin suggests that it has the capability and is currently set to M6 T{tool} ; change tool to '{tool_name}' but I’m wondering whether this is the correct code or if I’m just not implementing it correctly.

Apologies if any of this doesn’t make sense, I’ll be happy to provide answers to more specific questions (as best I can) if needs be.


I don’t thing that matters as long as you give different tools on your tool-path. It ignores that line by the default. Because there is no tool change request.

Hi Alan,
Thanks for the reply (and apologies for the delay in my reply!)

So in your opinion, would it be better to setup two different operations for the roughing out and finishing cuts? It’s not ideal, but maybe Im just asking too much of the machine! haha

Thanks again


Grbl does not support the M6 command or the T command.

You could use “feed hold” and “cycle start” to pause the carve. There is a software option (you can place immediate codes in your file or Post Processor) and a hardware option.

Keep in mind that some G-code senders do not send special characters to grbl and 1.1f uses the extended character set for immediate commands.

This article applies to grbl versions prior to 1.1f, which has the features mentioned, but uses different codes to activate the functions in 1.1f.