Tool height during re position

I need to raise the drill height by about another 5mm during one particular re position, it is hitting the clamp I have the clamp as low as I can, only need another 5mm

I cant move the clamp, i need to raise the tool height

Hope someone can help


  • Increase Safety Height under Easel -> Machine -> Advanced
  • Or if possible use the jog command to lift/reposition

Thats great, but do I have to set that every time I design something, or change this design, is there a way of making 10mm the dafault and not 3.8? as it reverts back to 3.8 if i dont generate a g code



You’ll need to check and verify but IIRC the safety height will be kept for that project
Whenever you make a new project it defaults back to 3.8mm and new height need to be set if required.

Thats great, i have altered all this and see what happens, as its over an hour and a half, i dont watch it, but set a timer this time so i can be back in time to hopefully save a cutting bit if it all goes wrong

Thanks again