Tool Path Crash w/ G-Code Import

I’m having an issue where my return to home tool path will crash into my piece if I run the G-Code Program.

Here is what it looks like in AutoCAD Fusion 360:

Any thoughts as to what could be causing my issue?


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Can you share the gcode?
Assuming you’re using the Easel Post Processor?


Yes, I’m using the Easel Post Processor. Doesn’t let me import without it.
Here is the code:
Initial Pass (421.3 KB)

So, by setting your zero at the bottom of the stock you’re set up for this problem. Easel has an issue where it will lift to a pre-defined (I think 1/4") height and return to XY zero. The problem is that, in your case, that raise to 1/4" is actually a 1.5" plunge as your safe height looks to be 1.75".

Best option, use a different sender that doesn’t add movements without your knowledge. I like CNCjs.
Another option would be to set your zero at the top of your stock in real life and in F360.

This is a problem with Easel. Those red lines in your preview are not in your gcode.

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Thank you for that input! I knew the additional pre and post steps were generated by Easel Post Processor. It assumes you are zeroing out at the top of your work piece. To give you an idea of what I was trying to do was set it up so I could use the Easel Home Feature to always go back to my home position so in the event I were to be a little off or accidentally move the spindle during a tool change over, I’d have that home position to always go back to and continue my cutting… In this case, i’ll just have to be really careful… haha.

I’ll move the WCS to the stock piece and work it that way.

Thanks again!

@JasonGazzana No reason you shouldn’t continue to rely on home to restart a job. Setting your WCS origin to the top of your stock shouldn’t matter.