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Tool path generation error

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HI David.

How did you fix the problem? I am experiencing the same issue…

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No I have not been able to figure it out. I know that the file I’m trying to carve from worked prior but doesn’t now. I tried copying my image into a new file and get the same error


It seems to be only when using the inlay app. For example, when I simulate just the text, it simulates fine. But once it is converted in with the app, I get this error.

I tried a couple other fonts and have the same issue.

It seems it was because I was using MS Edge. I switched my bowser to chrome and it works fine.

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HI David

I went and opened a new project. Thus I designed and created the entire project again, and then it worked. I think there was glitch in the system for a moment and some of the designs where influeced.

Anyway all good now.