Tool path has way too much moving about with out cutting. Makes G code a twisted tangle of partial cuts all over work space

I have a subscription to Pro. Seems like easel generated tool paths is not so pro.
Is there a way to improve tool path? For example if my project has the letter A or a word in the upper left quadrant and other words or shapes in the lower right. It cuts maybe half the letter A or word then lifts to safety height and moves completely to the opposite side of project and begins working on other characters then moves back to the A or some other feature. This makes up a lot of unnecessary machine travel and adds ridiculous hours to projects.Not only does it add seemingly hundreds of painfully unnecessary time consuming moves but makes it way more difficult to edit or understand where “exactly” where a certain feature is in the G code. A simple edit is no help because the rest of the feature might be an hour down the G code chain.
I enjoy the ease of creating projects and the great perks of Easel and hope to continue the experience with more satisfaction and improved techniques.

Unfortunately this is the biggest issue with Easel.