Tool path Issue after using Tool probe

I’m using V-Carve Pro and running Candle as my G-code sender. After running the probe function, when I send the g-code, the spindle moves up slightly and rapid moves straight in a random direction,usually an xy combined move, then continues with that direction at a feed rate.
Does anyone with knowledge of G-codes have any idea why this would happen. This is the code from candle for the probe function… G21G91G38.2Z-30F100; G0Z1; G38.2Z-2F10.
The probe function itself runs fine, but executing the code after the probe results in the random movement.
Thanks for any help.

You need to add a G90 to the end of your probe macro to re-establish absolute motion mode. The G91 makes all moves relative to your current position.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try tomorrow

That seems to have done the trick. Added the G90, ran the macro, then sent the gcode and everything seemed to move correctly. Thanks Again.

No problem…I’m a probing macro nerd.