Tool paths

I am carving out some figures with a 60 vbit. After they carve, how do i have a toolpath to cut each figure all the way thru with a 1/4 inch bit. Do I need to draw a shape around the figure and make that a separate file to run after the figure is carved, or is there a way to do both carvings in one file.

Hello Kurt and welcome to the forum,

Yes, you can make a new page in the same file. You can use the Offsetter app in Easel to draw the shape around your figure.

Good Luck

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Thank you Russell, I will try the offset app. How do I make a new file inside of an existing one

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Click on the plus button on the bottom of the page and that will open a new one.
I always leave the original one alone, copy and paste that into another page and delete that parts you done need. Repeat that until you have what you need. If you mess up you always have the original you can go back to and copy