Tool Storage Plate

Made good use of that empty space on my 1000mm Side Board by installing a Tool Storage Plate.

Bit Holes are designed for 1/8 and 1/4 Shafts ( three of the latter taking larger V-Bits Heads into consideration )

Except for the Boosters has Space for all the Clamping Parts

Works best with some kind of Standoffs in the 15mm range


Very nice! Hope to be there soon.

Are those the Inventables clamps? If so, how do you like them?

Nice work sir.

Makes my effort look desperately shodyy… (quietly weeps into sleeve) :wink:

Seriously cool though.

Aye, Inventable Clamps.

Can’t compare them to others as they’re the only ones I own/use but they appear to be doing their Job just fine.

Haven’t had a Work Piece slip and the one time I accidently miscalculated the path of a Flip Contour with the Bit running through one of them it went right through it without doing any damage to the Bit which I guess can be considered a plus?

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Can you post the coordinate for this project I would like to duplicate it If you do not mind.

NC Files already available in the Tool Storage Plate link of my first post.