Toolpath Not Retracting to Safe Height when Repositioning to New Pocket for Same Depth

Wordy title, eh?

I was running a speed/feed test with aluminum using the shared project, and noticed that the toolpath was retracting only just to the height of the center section when repositioning to the other pocket to cut at the same depth. When repositioning to cut at the next depth, it would retract to the safe height as expected.

You can see in the below images where the spindle hit the right side of the raised center section (just) as it repositioned from the lower to the upper pocket.

That doesn’t look like the bit path projected in Easel. Easel shows the center section cut left to right, not circular as it looks in the photo. Easel and the gcode seem to show the bit raised .15 for clearance safety height.

Woah - somehow the circle got changed to an outline rather than a fill.

Adjusted, take another look.

That travel move (first occurs on line 1250ish), which repeats for every stepdown, is at the same height as your center “island” (-0.02")
I’ve seen this before with pockets within pockets, but I thought they had fixed it.

Hi @cg49me,

Did you/could you submit an error report at the end of the carve? That will send all of the data about the carve to Inventables and create an official support ticket. If there is a bug we will investigate and fix it.


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I didn’t, but will. Thanks!