Toolpath ordering improvements

Hi folks,

We released a change today to make Easel better at efficiently ordering the shapes when carving. The carving paths are the same, but you should see less back-and-forth movement between different parts of the design.

Check out the before & after animation below:



@rodovich I did a carve today and noticed the difference! Thanks a lot! Great upgrade!

I also notice the change today. Thank you

Yay!! Could you send your developers to our local school district and help them with efficient bus routes too?? 6 buses by my house every morning is a bit much. :frowning:


That is nice; I noticed a little difference in the paths today. I just carved a project and got a random hole in it. Has there been any other issues reported such as this?

That’s awesome! I’ve been busy cleaning out and redoing the set up in my garage the last couple days. I’ll be firing back up tomorrow!

Hi @TrevorR,

I doubt that would have been caused by this change, but if you post a link to the project we can take a look.


Thank you for this, can’t wait to run something to see it in action.

Hello Jim, Thank you for the speedy reply. Below is the link. Also, here is pic of the project. As you can see, the lower right corner of the shield. The first time I carved this, It had multiple holes in it. The second time only one hole…

Thanks again,


I noticed some changes and it definitely made a difference in a small carve I just did.
When carving pockets with raised letters before it would carve the outline of maybe a couple letters, then jump to another outline, then back to what it did before, then jump around while carving the whole pocket. Sunday it carved all around the letters one at a time, then when to the large pocket area that had no letters and carved it all at once. Made for one heck of a smooth finish that I’ve only every gotten by finishing passes.

@rodovich I don’t believe this is as intended.


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Thanks @RobertBeattie, we’ll look into this too.