Tools Needed for Install

Did anyone purchase the Tool set and if so can you tell me what was in it so i can have all the necessary tools ready for my XCARVE arrival on tuesday

I purchased the tool kit and found the additional tools needed to be captured in this picture - hope this helps

Yeah, other than those two pulleys, that looks like a pretty decent representation of the tools I used as well.

So what came with the tool kit?

#25 torx/ star screw driver, all the Allen wrenches needed, all the wrenches needed, precision screw drivers, and safety glasses

And a drill bit to ream out the maker slide before using the self-tapping screws, if you wanted to.

Aaaah, the drill bit is made for that!
I wondered why there was one…
I did it without but with some cutting oil, and it it was a good bodybuilding party :smile:

did you guys get 2 flat screwdrivers in the tool kit?

Yes 2 flat precision screw drivers were included

ok i just thought it was odd there was no phillips since one is needed for the limit switch mounting screws but you only needed the one flat screwdriver for everything else

Pretty sure I had a Phillips.

I didn’t get a phillips but I didn’t mind since I had a precision screw driver set anyway

Yeah, I think my kit didn’t come with a phillips, I had to go snag one out of my precision set as well, but I think you only use it once on the two screws for the limit switch on the z axis.

yeah not a big deal i was just wondering if i had gotten 2 flats by mistake

Fo those coming here looking for more tips about the extra tools you may need or that may help along the way, check out this thread here:

@Nathan - Here is the list I kept of the tools I used as I built my 1000mm x 1000mm X-Carve, and at least somewhat in the order I used them:
3mm Allen Wrench
1.5mm Allen Wrench
2.5mm Allen Wrench
7mm End Wrench
8mm End Wrench
10mm End Wrench (at least for the ACME rod)
4mm Allen Wrench
precision (60) Phillips Head Screwdriver
T-25 Torx Screwdriver
drill bit (number 10, which is optional, but makes self-taping screws easier to insert. ANY drill that is SLIGHTLY larger than the screw can be used to drill a slight relief in the hole to make it easier to start the “self_tapping” screws.
Honestly, I think Inventables is doing themselves a disservice by NOT having these already tapped. I can imagine this is a huge point of frustration for a lot of customers.

A socket wrench will work in place of an end wrench sometimes, and make things go much faster, but you WILL need an end wrench in several tight spots, so make sure you have one for each size.

Hope this helps someone.


I know I’m a little late, but thanks for posting this list - still useful three years later