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Top hat dust separator - Thien Baffle - in Fusion 360

Hi All

Here is a model I have produced of a top hat dust separator in Fusion 360. It is inspired from a design I saw on Youtube (search for “panaxion”). I have not tried making this as I don’t yet have an X-Carve and probably wont for a while, I decided to get married instead - an expensive business. If anyone wants to make this or see the Fusion 360 project let me know, I would be happy to share it.

Thanks to the paramerised nature of Fusion 360 the model is easy to modify for different inlet and outlet sizes and material thickness. There are a few other parameters that can be modified too to suit your bin size and overall dimensions.

There is a little work still to do to get it CNC ready. It looks as if there are some good add-ins to help with the final things. Id look at dogbone to get the corners of the mortices milled out and nester to get the pieces laid out flat.

Beware I’m a fusion 360 beginner and this is the first model I have produced other than one or two tutorial tasks from the documentation.

Happy carving!


nice, i am working on a VERY similar thien baffle as well.

One thing, if the bottom piece is not thick/stiff enough, it can cause the ‘flap’ of wood to wobble with hi velocity airstreams.
I will add a thin support between the top and bottom near the center of the cutout.

if that makes any sense :innocent:

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I think I would add some form of reinforcement.

First, I’m new here, this is my first post. So I may get things wrong.
Anyway, if you are willing to share the SVG file I would like to use it as the basis for cutting out/building a Thein baffle.

Thank you

Hi. I don’t have svg files for it. I only have the full 3d model in fusion 360. (It’s free for hobby use I believe). So if you want to take a look at my model and then adapt it for your own needs I will happily share it with you.

All the best

Yes please, I have F360 and can take it from there.
Did you build it?

Thank you.
How does the file transfer work?

Just circling back wondering if you would be able to share the F360 file. I would develop it into SVG and share it back to the community.



I came across this post when searching for thien baffle designs. As far as i can search this is the only one made in fusion 360 and maybe accessible and besides, it looks very promising.

If you still have the files, is it possible that you could share them?

Thanks in advance,