Topo carve quesitions

Any problems with using a 3/8ths solid carbide upcut for roughing, I like the idea because a) I have severak and they work well and can be pushed for feed speed.

Also I have a whole set of burrs from my jewelry days which I plan on using for detail cut.
A number of them are diamond coated, has anyone tried diamond coated in wood? they work fine on metal where they are cooled by the metal conductivity, Hate to try one on a big carve tommorrow, but can try them on some smaller cuts during the week, any feedback would be great.

Burr bits product sawdust rather than wood chips, this will result in the burr bit overheating after shorter time than you’d probably like. I’d stick to traditional upcut/downcut/straight/compression bits instead.

Thanks for the help, need to run the topo carve in the morning, I could do either an 1/8th inch straight bit or a 1/4 inch 2 flute ball bit, dont want to wreck my first topo, which would you suggest, I also have a diamond ball burr but again heat will be the problem. Am a 3 hour drive each way from the nearest big box store so gonna go with what I have.
Thanks for answering.

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