Topo Map Concept

So I am working on this concept with a Topo map. To get great detail, I am using the “grey” in Inkscape to create the SVG file.

As stacking these images is way too complex for Easel or anything else, I am playing with separating the different overlays into multiple parts of the project. It works but am wondering how to splice these up correctly.

Here is the projects so far.

cool map. i would do something like put a rectangle underneath the whole thing and set that do the deepest depth. and then layer it up with each layer being slightly shallower until the top layer (ie the highest one) set at 0 depth

So deepest (darkest) first and then lighter (higher) as I go along?

that’s what i was thinking. why not try it and see what whether you like it. good luck

i think the way you created the seperate layers is bang on. it’s just setting the depth of cut for each one and making sure they are set in easel in assending order