Total cost to Saskatchewan, Canada & Which Bits to Stock & Not Stock

Wow! I’ve been looking for something I can do to earn an income after heart surgery and being laid off. This is right up my alley because I can produce something rewarding for others, some of it spiritual in nature and useful maybe in other regards. I can teach myself how to make several things by the looks of it and create a market on line and locally.
It appears the bits are some of the most expensive components that will be used up quickly. Will I be able to find good ones locally for replacements?
I really need to find a way to have everything shipped all at once in order to lower the $600.00 plus cost quoted.
Dang, I still haven’t heard what the duty and taxes will come to for the 1000.
Are there any X-Carver users in my vicinity?
I should try to be an importer and sell units from here by being a distributor.
By ordering in bulk it would have to bring he cost down for Canadians wouldn’t it? To have a parts and upgrade base here would help the Canadian customers on cost and speed of acquiring parts.
Just thinking a million miles a minute as usual.
I’m enjoying the investigative process. Thanks for the videos from folks like PawPaw etc.
God Bless y’all,
Gary Pledger