Touch Plate connection

When you guys running touch plates hooked up your wires, did you use the GND from the Arduino, or did you connect it to the ground from where the PS hooks up?

I’m assuming A5 and GND, but not 100% sure.

I use A5 and Arduino gnd.

I used A5 and GND on the little green connector thingy in front of the stock PSU. Works like a charm.

Thanks guys. Sounds like either way will work

Another question regarding touch plate. If my finger touches the wire coming from A5, its enough to make it think it touched the plate A5 is connected to, is this normal?

I wouldn’t know, never happened to me

What I meant to say was if I touch the touch plate itself, which is hooked up to A5 it reverse as if it made a connection

I touch the plate to hold it steady during the zeroing, no issues here.

I posted a detailed file on how to do it. It has color pictures easy instructions and even a excel pile to generate the g code to probe machine in xyz axis