Touch plate info

looking for any info on installing one on an X-Carve

For a touch plate, I bought one the one below. You can find them on ebay for cheaper. I replaced the wires as the ones attached were pretty weak and added a 1/4" headphone plug with a matching jack on my enclosure.

Wiring is easy…1 wire goes to the A5 pin on the Arduino (Probe) and the other goes to the Arduino Ground.

Also have a look at the link below. It was the top search result when I put in “touch plate”. I’ve made one of these and it works great.

Touch Plate

When I can find a suitable block, I’m making a touch block like the one shown in the link provided by @sketch42

This way, I can not only use it for setting Z=0, it can also be used to set X and Y as well.

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