Touch Plate Probing with Easel

Build a Touch Plate and wire it up to your GShield.
How to send arbitrary gcode via Easel: Machine menu -> Advanced -> Machine Inspector -> Console text field

  1. Zero your X and Y first.
  • Lower your Z close to your touch plate
  • Send a G38.2 command to begin the processes
  • G21 G38.2 Z-80 F10
  • This will set tell your machine you are using Metric, move the Z axis, a distance of 80mm at most, and at a rate of 10 mm/min.
  • Mill should now be touching the plate.
  • Remove touch plate; Measure touch plate thickness
  • Close the Machine Inspector
  • Click Carve
  • Lower your Z axis the thickness of your touch plate.
  • Mill should now be touching your stock; Zeroed in X, Y, Z

Repeat the when using two stage milling. Only change Z height if possible when moving the machine to change bits. If you do need to move the X and Y to get to the spindle, change the bit and then move X and Y back to zero in the exact opposite distances.


Also, this thread has lots of good information from Bill that is helpful as well!

Step 3, draw the rest of the owl.

I built a touch plate for less than $7.00. I went to Big Lots and purchased a headset extension cable and cut in half. I took a couple of alligator clip jumpers and cut these in half. I had a piece of 1/8" aluminum which I cut 2" sq, drilled a 3mm hole and tapped. I then took a wire connector and 3mm screw an attached to aluminum plate. Red wire goes to bit, black wire to plate, I plug into headset jack when I want to use. Simple and effective.