Touch Plate

Damn…that’s the same one I got but I paid twice as much! SMH

When you do home zero, machine puts X and Y values to memory, if you jog it to work surface anywhere with keyboard or arrow keys, you can do Z zero, then you’re done. You don’t have to take it back. As soon as you send Gcode, it goes to XY zero corner first and return back to work. Very simple. Of course if you don’t move or force it by pushing with hand. Just use jog keys.

File didn’t upload Charley. Still on Uploading statement.

I noticed that, wonder if it is because it is a macro enabled spreadsheet?

I think Server restrictions. You may want to try zip it first.

Here is a spreadsheet that will generate G code to use for zeroing all three axis. It is a Macro enabled excel spreadsheet so you will have to enable macros for it to work. That was the only way I could get it to create the g codes. All you have to do is enter the diameter of your bit and the thickness of your touch plate and the spreadsheet will generate the proper g code. I also include some rather crude but hopefully helpful wiring diagram for wiring things up. I hope this helps people who are not too sure about this. (428.2 KB)


Good Call, zipping worked. Thanks.

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Awesome, now you put another light shine to dark path. Thank you.

And, all we need is this. Very simple I draw in Fusion360,

But can you mill that from a block of aluminium?

It might be easier to drill and tap a .25 plate and then just bolt the sides onto it

That what I’m going to do. Just three pieces of metal plates, .1" thick, then screw all three like on the picture, fits perfectly to work pieces corner. Done. Maybe little longer to make it stay on top of material’s corner, without holding.

Here’s another version in Fusion. I’ll share it with anyone who’s interested.

Why the hole and chamfered sides? Seems like the exact opposite of what is needed.

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I should have been more descriptive. This is a version that’s optimized for Mach3 which has an x/y centering routine. The chamfer is for vbits.

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Thinking about wiring up a plug in my Estop box to plug in the touch plate. Has anyone done this and have a list of parts that would be required along with wiring diagram? I’ve got lots of Mods to do and need to get busy.

Haven’t done that, but currently making a arduino shield that will have easy screw terminals for the touch plate, the spindle pwm and my built in filters which screw in the homing switches and have them work as limit switches as well.Video Link should make wiring neater and easier (doing away with the afterthought wiring of the current limit switches and pwm to the grbl board as well as add the real limit switch function. I will have 2 additional for sale in a few weeks when they arrive. if anyone wants to buy one message me.

As for the E-Stop, being it doesn’t connect to the Arduino; the simplest wiring method would be the one I posted here

Can any of you electronic folks point me in the right direction, I want to use a mono audio plug and a female socket to connect my touch plate. I’m having a devil of a time finding them both and was wondering if anyone here has done the same. I want to drill a hole in my EStop box and mount the female socket and then be able to plug in the male when doing a zero on the bit.

Thanks in advance.

Radio Shack should have them.

No more Radio Shacks :frowning:

Radio Shack out of business.