Touch probe

Hello I use easel and have a shapeoko xxl I would like too know is it possible to use a carbide 3d probe with easel

You use Easel to control the machine or just to generate gcode to run in Carbide Motion?

Use it to control machine I do not like how work carbide apps

Easel doesn’t have a three axis probing option.
Probably time to move on to a full featured sender like UGS, bCNC, or CNCjs. Alternatively, you can always enter probe commands manually through the console.

ok thanks but im really new at all this

Even better. The other programs will help you understand your machine. Take some time to learn what is actually making your machine do what it does and you’ll be able to solve most problems that come up.
CNCjs, for example, you can just load gcode and hit play if you want. But you can also visualize toolpaths, set zeros, run macros, send commands through a console, etc. Trust me, it’s really intuitive once you have dinner time using it.

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