Tough but worth it!

Want to thank everyone for their help.

Finished my build today and just did my first cut. My primary use of X-Carve is going to be prototyped Circuit Boards and some enclosures (at least until I can get back near a makerspace with a laser cutter!)

Still have work, looks like the wrong polygons got milled. But that’s okay, just ordered some new blanks. :wink:


Are you running a 12" or 31" X-Carve? Are you running the stock motor/spindle or did you go with one of the router mounts? And do you think you could try out THIS type of test since yours is up and running? I’m on the verge of placing my order, but won’t be doing so until I’ve seen evidence of the x-carve’s precision. There’s a claimed bounty out for doing just that HERE.

Yeah, saw that it was marked claimed but no links to instructions on how to do it. So maybe I don’t understand the bounty program.

Anyway, my goal is really breakout boards for SMTs. On my shopbot setup, I never tested a fine pitched part, but was confident it could be done. However, on that we used a MIC6 bed.

I’m still waiting for better bits so will be doing more tests. I haven’t really done much to calibrate or square my machine yet either. I just wanted the satisfaction of milling SOMETHING.

When I get my new tips and boards, I’ll try out the stress test. No sense reinventing the wheel. :wink:

(I have the 12" machine)

@baldengineer “Claimed” means someone else claimed it and they are working on the instructions right now but haven’t finished. When they finish I’ll change the status to “Finished” and provide a link to the project.